So, you have finally decided to make your New Year’s resolution of attending yoga a reality and you have started researching yoga schools already? Great! Before enrolling into a yoga program, you may find yourself in a dilemma. This is natural as you may have endless questions about the scope and possibility of learning and practicing this ancient discipline. You may even be anticipating the possibility of turning into a serious profession and become a yoga instructor after the successful completion of your course. However, if you feel well-prepared, then it is time for you to go ahead with the decision.


Here are some suggestions to help you get ready and savor your journey:

Start laying the foundation:

Undoubtedly, India is the best place for practicing yoga. It is accredited as the birthplace of yoga, and Rishikesh, a small but famous town in the North of the country is known as the ‘yoga capital of India’. This can be a good place to start when you are looking for options. Some of the best yoga schools in India are located in Rishikesh.

Also, once you have selected a school and a program, it is advised that you research about it and read as much as you can. Try to get in touch with recent graduates or yoga practitioners who have been excelling the field for several years. Inquire about the course details – duration, location, class plan, types of yoga forms, and also the extras (meditation, Ayurveda, and breathing techniques, etc.)

Don’t get too excited:

As a new practitioner, you may want to learn too much too fast. Don’t! Pay ample time in mastering every asana and every routine. Check for improvement. Always keep in mind that to truly enjoy the benefits of yoga your body should be well-rested and your mind clear. Also, overdoing routines can make your body sour. The yoga teacher training course usually combines two or more types of yoga. It is imperative that you pay equal attention to both.


Take the path of self-inquiry:

Yoga teaches us to look within ourselves. It enables us to face our problems and not shy away from them. To become a yoga instructor, you need to first win your internal fights. Only then will you be able to teach others the art of self-inquiry and self-love. Remember, what you feel and experience is not to be ashamed of. It’s life’s way of making you stronger. And, know that whatever happens happens for a reason.

Be involved:

During a yoga teacher training course, you are tested on various levels and in various ways. Don’t depend on a final assessment. Your in-class participation, your correlation with your teachers and batch members, as well as your homework all reflects your dedication and seriousness. Learning the art of being involved during your training will help in future if you decide to be a teacher yourself.

Open your mind to transformation:

Yoga guarantees one thing among others – transformation. As you begin to practice yoga regularly, you will notice immense transformation within you – mentally, physically, emotionally, as well as spiritually. Be open towards the change. It may be overwhelming at times but remind yourself to be calm and composed and to take things as they come to you. Don’t force yourself into anything until your mind, body, and heart is ready for it.

A teacher training program can be intense but it will definitely bring you closer to understanding your inner self as much as the rest of the world. Such a program not only teaches you postures and breathing techniques but also covers the history of yoga, the study of human anatomy and psychology, the art of meditation, and a lot more. But, most importantly, it helps you to be yourself and to appear as yourself.