Kerala has it all – backwaters, castles, slope stations and exhibition halls However nothing beats the experience of feeling the cool wind and summer sun as you stroll on the sandy shores of the shorelines in Kerala. Shorelines are certainly the ideal getaway for families and couples searching for a break from the buzzing about of the city.

In the event that you are searching for that immaculate shoreline getaway, make a point to visit a portion of the best shorelines close Trivandrum. You and your friends and family will most likely appreciate investing energy in this delightful shoreline. The name Kovalam is gotten from Coconut trees. There are three shorelines at Kovalam, isolated by outcrops extending out to the ocean. The second biggest one is Hawah Beach.Its beautiful magnificence and quietness are supplemented by the accessibility of great settlement. There are a ton of eateries, which give flame broiled fish things, for example, lobster, lord prawns, and calamari is got straight from the ocean at Kovalam.

Lighthouse Beach – Kovalam


Lighthouse Beach is the southernmost, shoreline and is the most mainstream of the three.This is the biggest shoreline in Kovalam and is known as the Light House Beach for its 30-meter high beacon. Numerous lodgings, eateries, cabins, and shops are situated here. It is frequented by untouchables who stay and appreciate Kovalam. Beacon shoreline got its name from the old Vizhinjam beacon, which stands tall on a rough headland.

Kovalam Beach


Kovalam is the most well-known shoreline in Kerala, in any case, comprises of three really sickle formed shorelines with extraordinary names – Lighthouse Beach, Samudra Beach and Hawah Beach-which has been a sluggish town until the 1960s, with limit paths with wide courtyards for drying fish and covered homes with dry coconut clears out.

Kovalam was outstanding as the point of convergence of Hippie life in India and was among the radical trials to Sri Lanka in late 70s however things have gone up against a marginally more bashful state of mind nowadays and the shoreline is notable for ocean side games, ayurvedic medications, and shacks. Kovalam is an outstanding for the view from slope top the radiant and fierce Arabian ocean.

Kovalam is otherwise called the Paradise of the South and the name of Kovalam is gotten from coconut trees arranging on the ocean shore. The Beacon offers an astonishing perspective of the moon-formed shoreline and the Vizhinjam mosque. Toward the north of Kovalam lies the Samudra where time appears to have solidified. Hawah in the inside is the center point of exercises with the anglers embarking to the ocean. The rough foreland mixes with the quiet blue narrows to change over the straight into a remarkable aquarelle on moonlit evenings.

The beautiful excellence and quietness of Kovalam are supplemented by the accessibility of superb convenience. There are a lot of eateries which give western style sustenance and in addition Indian, which is delectable. Plentiful accessibility of fish things like lobster, ruler prawns, and shellfish and in addition conventional Kerala ayurvedic knead parlors, yoga focuses and water brandish offices are added appreciation for the interest of Kovalam as the best shorelines in Kerala. However, the sands on the shorelines in Kovalam are incompletely dark in shading because of the nearness of ilmenite and Thorazine.

Samudra Beach – Kovalam


Samudra Beach is toward the north of the Ashok Beach and can be gotten to just by taking a reroute past Kovalam Junction. It is a marvelous sight to watch the waves crash on the stones underneath as you stroll along the extent of ocean divider here.Long strolls by the coastline, sunbathing, surfing, shoreline volleyball, and swimming are a portion of the exercises that can be delighted in at the shoreline

Hawah Beach – Kovalam


Hawah was India’s first topless shoreline in India is still among one of the shorelines in India where topless sunbathing is endured and all around refreshing by the locals.Currently, Topfree washing and parading are prohibited now with the exception of in private bays possessed by resorts.The tourism division gives a watchful lifeguard benefit on both Lighthouse and Hawa shoreline. There are solid streams, so it is astute to take after their directions.

Vizhinjam Beach


Vizhinjam which has been reserved for one of the biggest ports in India and is being created into Vizhinjam International Seaport which is an International Deep Water Container Transshipment Terminal. It has a shoreline, beacon and a marine aquarium which houses a rich fortune of marine riches alongside a stone cut sanctuary at Vizhinjam.

Shanghumugham Beach


Shanghumugham Beach is situated at a separation of 8kms from the city and is the most neighboring shoreline to the Thiruvananthapuram airplane terminal. The Matsya kanyaka which is a wonderful and tremendous 35mt long model of a mermaid and an eatery formed like a star angle are the most attractions in Shanghumugham Beach.

Varkala Beach


Varkala Beach is outstanding from the perspective of the sensational dusks from its setting of red laterite bluffs disregarding the Papanasam Beach and the Arabian Sea. Varkala isn’t the calmest shoreline, however, you have shacks and tranquil spots in the region where you can discover the isolation. The shoreline likewise has some regular springs and streams which as indicated by local people have sacred properties to cleanse assemblages of wrongdoing and polluting influences. Varkala Beach is likewise well known for the Sivagiri Mutt and the Janardhana Swami sanctuary which is over 2,000 years of age. Kovalam is a separation of 50 kilometers from Trivandrum city.

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