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6 Mesmerizing Locations in Kerala Not Yet Explored

Mesmerizing locations

Just imagine yourself sitting on top of a huge mountain, from where you can see the picturesque scenery, unfolding right under your eyes and in the very next moment, you put your mind in a place, where you are sitting comfortably in a…


The Best Beaches near to Trivandrum


Kerala has it all – backwaters, castles, slope stations and exhibition halls However nothing beats the experience of feeling the cool wind and summer sun as you stroll on the sandy shores of the shorelines in Kerala. Shorelines are certainly the ideal getaway…


Top 15 Honeymoon Destinations In India

Top 15 Honeymoon Destinations In India

Honeymoon destinations are special as they play an important role in nurturing a new relationship. A typical honeymoon location is expected to be scenic (preferably hill station), safe and easily accessible, provide comfortable accommodation and food, and allow for privacy and loads of…