Candid photography is getting quite popular amongst people these days whether it’s a wedding or a photo shoot. The main reason for its popularity is the essence of a true candid photograph, and that is capturing moments in its natural state. Everybody must have done this at least once when we are watching a movie, and we tend to imagine us being in that awesome situation. Since that is not possible, we wish that someone is clicking us when we are doing some dope stuff or when we are having a good time and so on. That is the psychology behind candid photography. Now photographer also loves clicking candid photos because it captures natural emotions and nothing can beat that, you can ask any experienced photographer.


For larger than life portrayal couples often insist on getting a paparazzi-style photo shoot on their wedding day. Here are some tips for taking candid shots.

Carry your camera everywhere you go- First things first, you want to take candid photos, you have to be prepared for it because you never know when you are going to get a random action on the road, in a park, in the subway, you get the point. If possible, carry a professional camera, or if you have brilliant smartphones camera, that will also do because obviously no compromises in the camera quality. Phones and point and shoot cameras are very sneaky compared to a huge DSLR, so choose wisely.


Using a Zoom– Sometimes even when you are trying to take a picture of someone without letting them know, they easily notice and then either will pose or become unconscious, which takes away the natural aspect from the picture. But if you click them from a distance, the subject is less likely to notice you and thus less likely to react. A point and shoot with the excellent zooming capability or a DSLR would be best for this scenario.

Replace the Flash– Obviously, the last thing you would need in a candid photograph is the use of flash. You even ruin the moment by flashing your subject’s eyes. If there is a low light situation, you need to increase the ISO, along with your aperture and use a faster lens. You will need to fumble between these settings to get a clear picture.

Always take multiple shots– When you get an opportunity to capture a candid picture, make sure to get a couple of them or you can even take continuous shots to make a picture-story thing. Furthermore, you can set your camera on your subject for a while in case you get the same or even better opportunity to take some candid shots. This is the golden rule of candid photography.