If you want to enjoy the feel and fragrance of gifted flowers for as long as possible, then you need to follow certain tips and guidelines. Though cut flowers don’t last more than two-three days, still there are some ways through which you can enhance the longevity of those memorable flowers. So, just go through the below procedures to keep your flowers fresh for more number of days.


Do a Neat Setup

Look. First, you need to cut the stems of flowers. As the flowers are already cut, they are on the verge of life. In such situations, you need to cut the stems of flowers at an angle, so that the water in-taking ability of the stems will be improved. After cutting the stem, now you need to remove out the leaves which are below the water line. Now prune the outer petals of flowers, so that it will open up effectively.


Well, don’t forget the trim the flowers in every 2-3 days. Now fit the flower into a clean vase with water and flower food. It is recommended to change the water in the vase, every 2-3 days, or else it may lead to bacterial rot. Again, keep the flowers in a cool place and strictly avoid direct sunlight on the flowers. Thus, the setup is now ready, and the flowers are all set for the further treatments.

Treatment of flowers

  1. Soda –

The sodas like 7-up and sprite have a good amount of sugar. This sugar can greatly blossom the condition of cut flowers and can enhance their livings. You need to add just some drops of soda into the flower vase containing cut flowers.


  1. Hairspray –

The hairsprays contain a particular spirit. And for your kind information, the spirits can greatly help the cut flowers in looking fresh for a longer time. Simply take your hair spray and spray under the petals and leaves of the flower.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar –

It is recommended to add two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar along with some sugar in the water. Then keep the cut flowers inside the flower vase maintained with that treated water.


  1. Vodka –

Vodka effectively kills the bacteria associated with flower growth. You need to add few drops of vodka along with sugar in the water. This is one of the effective methods to enhance the longevity of cut flowers.

  1. Aspirin –

Before keeping the flowers inside the flower vase, just add some crushed aspirins to the water. Well, this will prevent the flowers from dying.


  1. Bleach –

The best way to keep the flowers fresh for a longer time is to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the water. Thus, add some bleach along with some sugar before keeping the cut flowers into the water.

So, if you are planning to send flowers to India, then don’t forget to send the above instructions to your near ones, so that they can preserve your flowers longer time.