Sage vs QuickBooks is a long battle being fought between accounting experts. This two accounting software are loaded with a gamut of features and tools that simplifies accounting and bookkeeping of SMBs, CPAs and individual accountants.

Many a time, when a business decides to establish or reestablish its accounting and bookkeeping system with the help of a new accounting software then, it becomes difficult to select between Sage and QuickBooks.

To ease down the selection of accounting software that perfectly suits your business needs, in this article, let’s have an insightful comparison between Sage and QuickBooks.

Later we will also discuss how by getting QuickBooks hosting or Sage hosting, you can take your accounting experience to the next level. Let’s begin.


Sage vs QuickBooks

# Parameters Sage QuickBooks
1. Pricing Model Monthly payment as well as annual subscription Annual subscription
2. Major Advantage Easy to use interface Loaded with all the features essential to manage accounts and books of SMBs and CPAs.
3. Customizability This software doesn’t have industry-specific features Thi software can be easily customized as per business needs
4. Income and Expense Tracking It is difficult to monitor cash flow coming in and going out from the business You can easily monitor real-time cash flow with the help of QuickBooks Desktop
5. Sync with Bank Accounts Synchronizing bank accounts with Sage is a bit complex process Bank account can be easily synced with QuickBooks
6. Bookkeeping Tools It consists basic accounting tools, but few important tools for payroll management and other important tasks are not available with Sage. QuickBooks consists of all the major bookkeeping tools and financial management tool.
7. Scalable Plans Sage is available with fixed plans. QuickBooks comes with scalable plans. You can easily scale-up or scale-down your resources as per the business need.
8. Cloud Hosting Sage can be easily hosted on the cloud server to get mobility, security and flexibility. QuickBooks Desktop can also be easily hosted on the cloud server to boost the overall accounting and bookkeeping experience.
9. Invoices and Quotes Sage accounting software comes with unlimited invoices and quotes. You can generate a limited number of invoices and quotes with QuickBooks.
10. Application Integration Sage is integrable with numerous business apps to get customized bookkeeping experience. QuickBooks can also be integrated with 500+ business apps to boost up QuickBooks experience.

How to Choose Between Sage and QuickBooks?

Sage and QuickBooks both are amazing accounting software to streamline and take the accounting system to the next level. However, when it comes to select the best the, you need to get answers to these questions:

1. Consider Your Accounting Needs and Skills

Before you select the best between Sage and QuickBooks, it is important to consider the basic accounting needs without which your business can’t leave. At this point, it is also important to consider that you have requisite skills to access, understand and use an accounting software.

2. Look at Business Applications

There are numerous business applications or add-ons that can be integrated with Sage and QuickBooks. These business apps help you to get customized and comprehensive accounting experience. Before you select and accounting software, it is, therefore, look at business applications and its integrability with Sage and QuickBooks.

3. Consult Your Accountant while Taking the Final Call

As a business owner, you may be quite busy focussing on core business goals because of which it is important to consult a professional accountant while taking the final call. Accountant will help you to understand different usability of features available with QuickBooks and Sage.

4. Verify the Usability Factors of an Accounting Software

After understanding the usability of Sage and QuickBooks, you can also cross verify the performance of these two. You can ask for a demo to verify usability factors of an accounting software before purchasing.

5. Keep Budget in Mind

Every business has a fixed budget to invest in an accounting software and different other business-critical infrastructure. So, while making an investment on QuickBooks or Sage, do compare their pricing and features. And, ensure that the one that you select is capable to maximize the ROI.


What’s Next?

After selecting Sage or QuickBooks accounting software to establish state-of-the-art accounting and bookkeeping system, you can further get Sage Hosting or QuickBooks Hosting.

By hosting any of this accounting software, you can easily take accounting system of your business to the next level, and that too without the need of a heavy investment.

There are several advantages of age Hosting or QuickBooks Hosting, such as enhanced mobility, guaranteed zero IT downtime, etc.

If you wish to know more about Sage or QuickBooks hosting then, feel free to contact us right now. You can also get to us if you want free consultation on selecting the most suitable accounting software.