Suicide, other than being a sin in most cultures and beliefs, is also a sad occurrence. Loss of a life is a profound loss even when it occurs from natural and uncontrollable reasons, but they is nothing worse than the knowledge a vibrant and healthy being was taken from us just because of his or her own will.

Over 800,000 people commit suicide all over the world everywhere, which roughly means that one person dies every 40 seconds or say. Suicide also happens to be the third leading cause of deaths of people between the ages of 15 to 44, with depression as the prevalent cause of death.

While these statistics only tell us of people that have committed suicide, we do not have a tally of the number of people that have attempted to kill themselves and have fail. Usually, such individuals are hospitalized and kept a close eye on to ensure that they will not try to kill themselves again, yet there are instances where once such individuals are released from observation, they would try to commit suicide yet again. Therefore, in such situations monitoring apps and surveillance devices are a great help to the families of such individuals.

How Can Spy Apps Help?

While it may seem like a very trivial thing to use a monitoring app in order to keep an eye on your loved one, it is a very affective measure because spy apps provide:

  • Constant Notifications

One of the best things about spy apps is that they provide constant updates even about the tiniest occurrences that take place on the target device. Whether it is a call being sent, a text being received, a reminder being made, a contact being programmed, an app being installed, whatever takes place on the target device, the user of the spy app is instantly notified and more often than not spy apps allow their user to control the actions of the target device.

  • Real-Time Updates

Most spy applications come equipped with features like GPS trackers and camera and microphone bugs , while a few also have the ability to allow you to listen in on live calls. With all such features at boot, spy apps provide its users with real-time notifications right on time to ensure that a life threatening event can be dodged.

  • Close Look at Online Activities

You can tell a lot about a person from the comments they make, the music they listen to and the kind of movies and books they tend to lose themselves in. Similarly, you can also tell a lot about a person from their online social media friend circle and their browsing habits. Since spy apps provide users with easy access to both of those things, users can easily look into the browsing habits and friends circle of the individual on the suicide watch and know if they once again bowing towards the deep end.

  • An Eye People They Interact With

The kind of people a person interacts with tend to have an incredible impact on the psyche of that person. Thus, if a person recovering from a failed suicide attempt comes into the company of a depressed person contemplating the same thoughts they other individual was supposed to move on from in the first place, they could easily be tempted to revert back to their old ways. Therefore, spy apps can be of great help in weeding such people out and cutting off the access by blocking them.

  • Works in Stealth Mode

Most people under surveillance trip up and revert to their old ways when they know they are not being watched. Therefore, if you are using spy apps to help you out on the suicide watch, you can know for sure if the individual being watched is actually getting better and trying to move on or are they just acting like they are just so you can leave them alone. Because of its built in stealth mode feature, they would never know they are being watched and they would not pretend in your absence, letting you indirectly know how they are really feeling.