Though yoga is something which you can practice any time of the day, but people refer to do it after waking up or before going to bed. If you prefer to do it in a classroom setting, then you need to wait till the classroom is in session. Having yoga in the morning is the right way to start a day and specify your intentions at the same time. Even if you have 20 minutes a day to set aside for yoga during the day then it is great. Ideally you would want a session at night before you go to bed.  This will help you release all the action, along with stress accumulated during the course of the day, so that you can have a relaxed night of sleep.

There may be moments during the course of the day where you can add a session of mini yoga to relieve stress. 5 to 10 minutes will be more than enough or you can practice it in the comfort of your bathroom as well. The best yoga classes in Navi Mumbai stress on this concept considerably as they believe that it is better to get rid of the stress as soon as possible, rather than accumulating in the body and giving way to any diseases.

Safety of yoga

There are different styles of yoga, while some may be appropriate for everyone, while in case of others it is not the same. The key aspect is to pay attention to your body and what it is telling you when you are practicing yoga. Short or shallow breaths will not give you the energy that you need to perform, nor will it help you eradicate the stress. When you work on a position, make sure to breathe into the tightness and then let it out. It does take time to master it, but it is all the worth as you will be able to release the tightness at any time of the day.

The yoga session in general is spread across 20 to 90 minutes, and can be done alone in a home or under the able guidance of an instructor. During any time of the day, you can go on to practice self-compassion, and this is if you have only 15 or 30 seconds only.

Parental yoga

Yoga during pregnancy is also considered to be safe, and this is the best way to connect with your child and be ready for child birth. Most women cannot wait to get back to the pre-pregnancy shapes, and this is all the more so after the birth of the first baby. Pregnancy yoga classes in Navi Mumbai, helps you to prepare during child birth and at the same time help you remain in shape. The routine of exercise can be modified, according to the demands of pregnancy.

The process of yoga is to strengthen and stretch the muscles. One has to practice it with precision and mathematical practice it with a sense of precision. You need to take note of the fact that yoga is flexible and there will be some days when you are bound to be more tired than the others. Your job will be to concentrate on the present and make things happen at the same time. You will reap the benefits for sure