Cold infections are something which everybody gets once in a while. It’s not a choice and there is not much you can do to prevent it, apart from maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. A regular working person is bound to get cold or nose blocks once in a while. Sometimes the cold gets worse, in which sinus pain is common. Although most pain goes away without treatment within a period of hours or days at most, but sometimes the allergies get severe and turns into Sinusitis, during which it is crucial for the infection to be treated.

Sinuses are nasal cavities located in and around our nose, these nose are filled with mucus all the time, but in the case of sinusitis the mucus production increases and does not flush out easily. Severe sinusitis can affect your hearing, smelling power, eyesight and can give you constant headache. It can also cause toothaches in some cases.

Here are 4 home remedies to relieve sinusitis pain and symptoms by directly attacking the root cause of the problem-

sinsuitis treatment

Flush out the Mucus – The processing of flushing out mucus from the nasal cavities is known as Nasal irrigation. The nasal irrigation has been practiced in Ayurveda since 1000 of years ago. Neti pot is the main device which is used for nasal irrigation. Basically, it flushes out the excess mucus and also rinses the allergens which are present in the nasal cavity. The procedure has been found to be super effective in many sufferers.

Bromelain – Bromelain is a supplement, it has special protein which synthesizes natural anti-allergens for the body to fight the infections. Bromelain is naturally found in the pineapple stems, and has been cultivated from years for manufacturing medicines. It does wonder in reducing the sinus swelling through the anti-allergens and anti-bacteria it produces.

sinsuitis tratment

Try Spicy Foods – If you are not allergic to spicy foods, next time while preparing your food prepare add some spice to it, especially lots of pepper or you can even prepare a hot soup with pepper and red chilly. Spicy foods can really melt the solid mucus which is accumulated in the nasal cavity, that’s why you would have noticed your nose getting wet whenever you have really spicy food.

Dehydrate Your Body – Many studies have shown, that most people don’t drink enough water in the winter season, which results in the mucus to be more in the solid state than being in the moist state and that’s why it gets stuck in the nasal cavity.

Tip– Steam sessions with eucalyptus and menthol have been found to be super effective in Sinusitis treatment .